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If Justin had the chance to go back in time and be reincarnated, he would choose to be either William Wallace or a Bugatti. Justin is a sucker for black & white and everything in-between with a little bit of red for good measure. He regards The History Channel as college, pirates and anyone from the dark ages are cool, and pizza everyday forever would be just fine. Sometimes Justin wishes he was marooned on the Island of “Lost” and could lead everyone back home to safety. And often wonders why he gave up sleep and his teeth in dedication to this creative obsession, instead of getting paid millions to hit baseballs for the dodgers!
Some useful info : Justin directs with a design background, 99% of the work on this site was written, directed, and animated by Justin. He works Harder and loves to explore new ideas. Check out the work and drop a line in the contact section if your seeking treatments on future projects.

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