Marcus C. Tomazetti professional

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Porto Alegre / RS Brazil

Full-time, Freelance, Part-time

I’m a video editor, motion designer and post production professional, sort of a perfectionist. I deliver a job well done while syncing the soundscape, colours and effects while talking to the metaphor of its visual representation.
The sound in my view does not depend on melody or its pitch, but the feeling, color – its depth. I also believe that music is an image developer, it brings the impact, even if they do not talk to each other visually.
When I finished high school, living in a small town in RS (no one knows what to do in life after school, I surely did not know), I joined the Agronomy Graduate at PUC RS, attending till the 8 half semester (there were 10). But as the years passing by, months, weeks and days, the more and more I felt like a lost metropolitan lost at the up from under meadows.
Then I realised I had to open my horizons so I went to live in Los Angeles, 6 months in Santa Monica studying at ELS Language Center and 6 months in Venice Beach.
Back to Brazil, I got back to my studies this time in Graphic Design at Laureate International Universities in Porto Alegre and by the middle of the course I began to read and learn a lot about Motion Design My career began at parties (I’m a very social person with great social skills), making video art projections, then VJ and Teasers for fun and to get my name around, of course.
While working at Opus Promoções, we did projects for clients like Coca Cola, Group Zaffari, Black Eyed Peas, Green Day, Shakira, Nora Jones, Liza Minelli, among others in the music industry.
After this experience, I did some projects in the fields of videoart and videoclips for the UK Band “Black Nail Cabaret / Basic Unit Productions” and the independent artist MadBlush.
All these experiences, new challenges and also by my highly self-taught, multidisciplinary and researcher nature, allowed me to work and learn with professionals from different backgrounds from a very early age.
I believe that to communicating and working with synergy is what makes an idea turn into an ideal. Some MEMEs are always welcome of course.

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