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Leonardo studied music and new technologies at Conservatorio in Florence (Italy).

In 2006 and 2007 he completed his studies at Ircam and at the Centre Pompidou (Paris) where he formed and developed his distinctive visual signature that is recognizable throughout his work.

Leonardo is the true definition of a multi-media artist and his talent can hardly be constrained within the limitations of one label.

As motion graphic designer and sound designer Leonardo has worked for various fashion brands and animation studios; in addition to that he was commisioned by diverse European art galleries, museums and concept stores to create short movies and interactive installations using Max/Msp/Jitter.

Leonardo also made a name for himself also through his long time collaboration with iconic fashion store LUISAVIAROMA; since 2009 Leonardo has created bespoke visuals and audio installations also for some of the most exclusive fashion-brands.

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